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Sponsorship and Nominations

Is your company willing to sponsor you to work in Australia?

We can help you with every type of sponsorship and nomination required for your visa application procedure.

Labour Agreements

West Visa has significant experience in assisting employees in urban, regional and remote Australia in accessing a Labour Agreement.

A labour agreement is a contract between an employer and the Commonwealth of Australia that permits the employer to access essential skilled and semi skilled workers when standard employer-sponsor immigration programs are not available or do not fit.

Labour Agreements work well in regional, remote Australia and across the Agricultural and Primary Industries sector.

Labour Agreements can be used as a basis for a temporary or a permanent visa.


Training Visas

We specialise in training visas where our team has extensive experience in designing the perfect training plan for your specific occupation and experience.

A training visa is a visa that allows you to work full time in Australia under a Training Plan with your Australian Sponsor.

We will be happy to talk with you further about the benefits and requirements of a Training Visa.

Under a Training Visa, the sponsor has to pay your wages in accordance with the Australian Federal law.​


Global Mobility

At West Visa we recognise that skilled professionals from any country have the opportunity to improve their income earning potential and work experience in Australia and other countries.

West Visa can help you to achieve a better life and future for you and your family through expert migration advice and life strategies from our consultants.